This is What Happened When I Stopped Eating for a Week

I ate nothing for a week during Sep 30-Oct 6. 

Because I was doing my second 7-day water fast. I did the first one during October 2018 (11th – 17th).

Those who do water fasting do it for different reasons like healing, weight loss or detoxification. I just wanted to give my body and organs rest.

Here is how it went.

My Water Fasting Log 

Day 1

I did not plan this week-long fast. 

I started my regular weekly fast which I have been doing for a long time on and off. And, decided to convert it into a weeklong fast because I was going to be home and not traveling.

I had planned last year’s fast so I had also thought of work and everything. This year I did not plan so I had to take care of some work during the fast and also the daily blog posts that I chose to publish this year.

Hunger wise there were no issues because of my weekly fasting experience. But I felt very sleepy. I slept through the day probably because I was sleeping less leading into the fast.

Day 2

I felt fine, not very hungry.

I was more awake than day 1 and I worked for a couple of hours.

Day 3

In the evening, I felt heaviness in head that continued till the next morning. It then disappeared on its own. I also felt some acidic build up in my stomach. I felt hungry and had some craving for food. This is the day when I started thinking about when I’ll break my fast and what I’ll eat.

I worked for a short time only. The rest of the time I watched YouTube videos.

Day 4

I felt alright. 

Activity from the previous day disappeared in the morning, but I felt it again around bedtime.

Day 5

I felt fine energy-wise and walked for around 5 minutes. I was more upbeat of all days.

I did not feel very hungry probably because of ketosis (body using its own fat for energy). I worked for 4-5 hours, in place of 1-2 hours for days 2, 3 and 4.

I could not sleep until late that day.

Day 6

On day 6 I was low on energy. 

I did not get much done during the day.

Day 7

My energy was the lowest. I broke my fast at 5.30 pm with brushing my teeth. I ate a little too much in excitement because I was craving it too much. And, I was uncomfortable for hours afterward.

It is right to go light with refeeding after a long fast. More so if you are fasting for longer than a week.

Other Details


I slept more than usual for the first 3 days. On the 3rd day, I slept almost the entire day.


For this fast, I did not rely too much on YouTube though I watched some shows lying down. For my earlier 7-day fast I binged too much on Netflix. This time I was more mindful, and conscious of not stimulating my senses a lot.


I experienced a bowel movement every day. Regular on day 1-4. Day 3 and 4 less waste matter. Day 5 sticky white waste. On day 6, it was a black waste. I peed the most on day 5. 

Bathing / Brushing

I didn’t brush my teeth, because that for me meant breaking the fast. I bathed once during the fast and once right before breaking it in the evening.

Weight Loss

I did not weigh myself but looking at the mirror during and afterward, I figured that I lost about 8-10 pounds. I am not sure if you can remain at the weight you achieve after a fast without changing what you eat. 

So weight loss is not a good reason for water fasting, cleaning your body from within and giving your organs a deep rest is.

Water Fasting Benefits / Results

I experienced the soundest sleep in ages after I completed the fast. This effect stayed for a while.

My cravings for food of all kinds were reduced. After this fast, I got curious about eating twice a day and when I tried I found almost no discomfort in following it.

So this was my fasting experience. 

This is not a guide for anyone who wants to do a water fast, just a log of my experience. But I’ll be happy if it inspired you to fast.


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