Where Do I Get Blog Post Ideas and Topics to Write a New Blog Post Every Day?

Many of my friends and regular readers of this blog know that this year I have been publishing a new post every day on this blog. That’s more than 330 posts in a row so far.

I get looks of surprise or awe from some of them. They think you need some special talent to do it. 

It’s not rocket science you could do it too if you wanted.

For me, it took the will to do it, some discipline and then sometime every day to punch keys on my laptop.

Are you curious about where do I get the ideas to blog about every day? You do then you are in luck today 🙂

Here is how I got my ideas for the past 300+ days and was able to write consistently.

That’s all that I did to publish every single day.

I like if more people read what I publish but that is not the reason why I write. 

I write because I want to and can. There are other reasons too. I’ll share those in tomorrow’s post.

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