It’s Ok To Move On

I have seen friends win.

I have also seen them stop chasing their dreams. I see them close their startups, leave their unfinished book inside a folder that they’ll never open, and abandon their YouTube channel.

While I cheer the ones who win, I don’t lament the ones who failed at what they were doing and chose to move on.

Because moving on needs to be celebrated more than it needs to be pitied.

Unless a person moves on they cannot fully commit to what is ahead of them. 

One can be sensible about it by weighing the pros and cons. Once that is done there is no need to hold on to what’s not working.

As you closer to the end of 2019 and ready to move into 2020, what is it that you need to leave behind or get rid of?

Think about it.

Won’t you like a fresh start in the new year?

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