How to Build Resilience, a Bigger Strength Than Most Assume

In life and projects there are setbacks.

And how well and how soon we recover can decide our wins.

Another factor that helps us win is avoiding the setback altogether.

Thorough planning, experience and guidance may help there but it will be naive to think that there will not be any setback in anything that we do.

So, it is worthwhile to increase resilience.

Here is how you can do it.

  1. Put yourself in unexpected situations or take up voluntary challenges or do experiments.
  2. Know yourself, identify what helps you regain your composure and strength. Is it being with someone or spending time alone or travelling?
  3. Have people who you can lean on in different parts of life, who have done it before.
  4. Learn to take action, even when you don’t feel it.
  5. Find anchors (actions that you do no matter what), so that you experience some normalcy even after a setback.
  6. Learn to live in the moment, stop living in the past. Easier said than done but meditation can help here.
  7. This is probably the most important and overlooked approach to developing resilience and it goes against the meaning of word resilience. It is to give yourself permission to heal and recover, after a setback so that you can go at what you need to do fully when you feel ready.

Have you faced a setback? How did you recover from it?

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