We Don’t Need To Stop Wasting Time But We Need to Stop This!

wasting time or not

We don’t need to stop wasting time but we need to stop wasting time in the name of learning.

Let me explain.

There will always be an endless list of things to do and stuff to pay attention to. If all the time we are thinking about being productive and finishing tasks, our lives will become dull.

To live an interesting life, there should be room to wander aimlessly and be curious about things that are not about productivity or money. And, if the world calls – aimless wandering and going after what makes your curious, entertaining yourself, or spending time with those who matter – wasting time then do ‘waste time’.

All of us deserve guilt-free entertainment whether it be the nighttime dose of Netflix or your time with your favorite game.

We also need time with family and loved one. More so if you are in love or if you are a new parent then time with your kid. When doing this do it without looking at the alarm, or without thinking whether you are being productive. Allow yourself this ‘wasting time’ luxury. Most of us can afford it.

This out of way, let’s move to times when you have done all this and you want to learn and grow.

Truth is that times spent entertaining ourselves does not any or as much harm to us as the time that we waste in the name of learning.

If not for this wasted time, all of us would be at the top of our chosen vocations but truth is that most us are not. Let’s see why and how to stop this kind of time waste.

How to Stop Wasting Time In The Name of Learning and Growth

Most of us don’t want to waste time, still, we end up wasting it.

I am talking about normal people like You and I. We are well-meaning people. We don’t do drugs. We want to grow and we are ready to spend some time for it.

Then where do we go off track?

We go off track when we go and read pages on the internet in the name of learning.

Same for watching videos.

Listening to podcasts.

Wanting to learn is fine but we end up doing nothing about what we read, listen or watch.

When we do nothing about what we call learning it becomes waste of time or entertainment at best. The worst kind of entertainment because we do it in the name of learning. After doing it we neither get joy nor real growth. Maybe some guilt because in our hearts we know that we wasted this time.

Sitting idle or sleeping is better than wasting time like this. Because then your brain and body gets a break. A rested brain and body function better at anything you do.

Now I want to ask you, “Do you waste time like this?”

It’s ok if your answer is yes.

There is a simple solution to get out of this time sink.

That simple solution is to plan implementation alongside learning.

So along with 30 minutes of reading, watching or listening, allow for 30-45 minutes to note and implement what you learned.

Implementation gets the learning out of your head and puts it to use and you get free of the burden of remembering all that you learned. When you get free of the burden of remembering, you retain more.

Want to take it to the next level?

Then keep separate devices for entertainment and learning. And pick your entertainment device only when you want to watch YouTube or Netflix for entertainment. If it is tough for you, then schedule different times for entertainment and learning. Entertainment at night and learning in the morning or afternoon.

Will you try this approach today, just for one day and see how it works for you?


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