Why We Waste Time

I have written in the past about how we waste time in the name of learning and growth.

A bigger question we need to address is why we waste time.

We do it because we are so busy passing time in our set routines, that we don’t notice the ticking clock.

Not the one on the wall, but the one that we don’t see but that is ticking constantly taking moments from our time on earth.

If we noticed the ticking clock, we won’t squander 60-80% of our time on things that don’t matter.

We waste our time, we procrastinate because we choose to. Otherwise, there is no reason that we often do more during the day or week of the deadline then we do in the weeks and months before.

It also may be because what we do is not important to us. Anything that is actually important to us we take care of it.

Nobody owes us a solution. It is up to us, to often think about and find out why we waste time so that we stop doing it.

If nothing else works, tell yourself that one day you are going to die and it is in your best interest to make the best of whatever time you’ve got.

One more reason to do it. You don’t know when your time will be up so no point waiting and thinking that you still have time.

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