Review – An Often Overlooked Tool For Growth


Earlier I wrote about how to find success.

This post builds on that.

We know that consistent action helps us grow.

But a regular review can make sure that our actions are in the right direction and increase our pace of success.

A review is a most underutilized and often overlooked tool that one can use.

Do you know how superstar athletes and performers act and succeed?

They watch their own performances and review them to find areas for improvement.

They do not win all the time. And when they lose, they do not sit and worry about it. They look at the videos and try to think and notice what went wrong. Many times with the help of a coach.

To be more productive and achieve more in your life, pay attention to where you are spending your time. Instead of relying on yourself use a tool like RescueTime to do it.

It is good to schedule time for regular reviews. I have written about how you can conduct your daily, weekly and monthly reviews.

I encourage you to conduct your annual reviews if you can’t do daily, monthly or weekly. Here are my 2018 and 2017 annual reviews.

One important thing to remember. Don’t use reviews to only track your goals and how far you have reached in your pursuits. Also, use them to assess if you are actions in the pursuits of your goals are making you happy.

So in addition to reviewing your progress and action, also review how your actions make you feel.

If there is something that helps you move forward but does not make you feel good, it is not worth doing.

Do you review your actions? Do you them on a regular basis or whenever you feel like?

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