Power of Intense Action

intense action

Intense action has always helped me.

Not long back, I was stuck in a rut that I wanted to get out of.

I hated it because I was not growing.

And, when I don’t grow I suffocate. Not literally but I feel like something is pulling me down towards a dark underworld.

Because I was desperate for things to change I did what I have done every time I have grown and broken new barriers.

I applied an intense force of effort to the challenge at hand.

I made detailed plans. I spoke to everyone who could help. I reached out to people cold. I executed on my plans like crazy and I kept on doing it for two months. My actions were wild, but my plans were wilder. All this intense action gave me momentum. Many of those who were involved noticed my spirit.

And then what I wanted to happen, happened.

All because I went for intense action which gave me momentum.

I knew about the importance of intensity and momentum for long but it was only last year that I truly internalized it.

You see the momentum is the force that causes anything to continue moving, because of its mass and speed. When this object has momentum, you don’t need much external force to keep it moving.

Your dreams and plans do not have mass and speed.

You add mass and speed by executing on your plans.

Your plans may be enormous and you might be executing on them but until you add speed to execution, you’ll never find momentum. The force that reduces your effort and still takes you far.

When you have intensity and momentum, you can move mountains.

You can use it to get out of boring or tough situations or to scale new summits.

You can use it for your body, mind, relationship or work.

You can get into intense action mode by focusing on repetition, duration or quantity.

It can help you in multiple ways.

First and foremost, it saves time.

Then once you have momentum your absolute effort reduces.

It also allows you to get out of zombie mode.

Last but not least, it increases your odds of success.

Good news is that you don’t need to be in intense mode always.

You can treat life as a marathon, and add some sprints in between to keep yourselves in perfect shape.

I suggest doing one or more intense action sprints once or twice in a year. You can also do one every quarter. Like one each for fitness, work, family and society to elevate yourself in different areas of your life.

When you do it you’ll be setting yourself up for compound gains.

Once you have momentum you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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