13 facts every young person should know.

things_to_know1. Motivation will get you started; discipline will keep you on path and help you move ahead.

2. Now is the best time.

3. It helps if you reach early whether it is a movie theatre, classroom, or conference. You get a better seat without paying extra, get time to chat and make new connections or give quality time to ones that exist.

4. Nobody can stick to 2hour sleep cycles for long. You either sleep in bed, in classroom or at work. Better finish your work and sleep in your bed.

5. Have fun with friends while you can. It will not be long before you and your friends will have careers and families to take care of, then you will be left only with memories. Be with friends at times even if costs you sleep. Don’t waste time and energy thinking about who is true on not. Let time give you the answer. Real ones last long.

6. People do things for their own reason. If you are doing things for somebody else’s reason then you may still have not found your reason. Go find it. Other words for it — your why or the purpose of your life.

7. Books are a woman’s (man’s) best friend. Take time to read. For every 7 bestsellers you read, read 3 books by unknown authors or old classics.

8. Write as early and as often you can. You will be surprised by your growth if you stick to it (for couple of years).

9. Become a starter of things, you will find followers if you start something meaningful.

10. You may start as a follower but do not remain a follower always.

11. Question: Given a chance you will choose to be like – Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook or his classmate that no one knows about? If your answer is Mark then start making things; making things is the likely path of glory, fame, money. It is sure shot path of ultimate satisfaction; there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your creation live in front of eyes.

12. Your growth and your future is only limited by your imagination and not by whom you know, where you come from… maybe it mattered in 20th century but no longer.

13. Before people start believing in you, you need to believe in yourself.

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