Thank You, Happy New Year 2011 and a Good News

happy_new_yearthank_youHello Everyone.

Many of us are still in midst of our holidays; but I think the time is right to wish you all a fantastic new year ahead.

I love you all and want to very sincerely THANK YOU for sparing precious moments of your life to explore and spread the ideas shared on []. I look forward to see you here more often.

All you beautiful people have made me feel special with your affection, appreciation and attention.

You are one of the major reasons that I write here, otherwise I will be happy to pen these thoughts in a notebook. The other major reason being a desire to reach out and share ideas that I think can help many of us.

Thanks especially to Angel, Anshuman, Deepika, Jigyasa, Sahil, Ishu, Jayant, Leah, Manju, Manasi, Mayank, Prerna, Puneet, Randhir, Ranjan, Vijeta, Vivek, and Yasir. All of you took your time and shared your thoughts by commenting, many of you quite regularly. You are special.

My wishes also goes out to all my readers in India, Canada, United States, Russia, Australia and other countries across continents. In current year I look forward to interact with you. Help me know your better via comments or connect via email. Just say hi, tell me how I can help you or help me by sharing different ideas on [] with your friends, family and colleagues.

Thanks also to the creators of web – a seamless medium for interaction without boundaries – people like Tim Berners Lee, teams that worked on Arpanet; innovators who helped the medium evolve by challenging the structure and many more who continue to create tools for better sharing.

Towards the end of every year I set aside a fortnight to work on an annual review and fine-tune my plans for next year. I did the same last year and have already set some ideas in motion in December itself. I will share my theme for 2011 and some relevant details with you next.

Good News

Good news is that we are in a new year. All of us have full 365 days to make an impact and create something remarkable. So let us begin and make this the best year of our lives so far :).

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