How To Succeed Without Losing Your Health

Health is wealth. Health also helps you create wealth.

I am not a big lover of list posts. But they work so here is a list about being healthy as a creator and entrepreneur.

1. Create boundaries. Work to a routine. 5 days a week is good. 9 to 5 is good. 4 days a week and 8 to 3 is even better. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

2. Inside those boundaries allow spontaneity. Because too many rules make Jack a dull boy.

3. Do not keep grudges.

4. Accept that money is good, and make it your goal to make money, right way.

5. Find out what is right for you. Introspect.. take time to know what are your values. When you need to make tough decisions, use your core values as your decision barometer. Don’t do it if it is in not in sync with your values.

6. Visualize your best life. See how much money you need to experience that life with people who matter. First make a plan to earn that much. At this point do not worry about your billion dollar business plan.

7. If you are on a solo ride, do not charge less for your services. Use your solo status to pay special attention which only you can provide. Create wow experiences. Add a personal touch and charge more.

8. Get paid upfront, always. No exceptions (for new clients).

9. Bring more people to the party as soon as you can. Riding solo is stressful most of the times.

Go fast, go alone. Go far, go together.

A short version of the African Proverb made popular by @Zappos.

You do not need to hire employees, and it is OK to work from home while you can. But stop trying to maintain your website, when you can spend same time and money – to create a pitch for a $10,000 project. Let someone – who knows website maintenance better – do it.

10. Play (every day).

11. Try being a better human. Do not hold back your emotions. Bottled up emotions are a big cause of poor health.

12. Find your ritual to release negative energy. Meditate, recite mantras, laugh with friends, play with kids, draw, run. Do not wait till weekend to do it.

13. Find a soul mate so that you have a person in your life from whom you do not have to hide anything.

14. Play to your strengths. This is a much calmer approach to building a business and growth than trying to play wide and outside your area of strength. Think about doing sales when you don’t have the temparement for it. Instead of doing it yourself, bring a cofounder on board who can do it for you. If you are in early stages and have to do it then find an intern and offload parts of it that you don’t enjoy.

15. Shun artificial. Work in natural surroundings. I love getting up early and start my day with rising Sun. It works amazingly well for me. At one point, I got one simple table made just for my morning work-hours, when I try to sit in open area. Leo from Buffer has more interesting insights on it.

16. Download info from your head into a trustworthy system. A notebook is good. Less weight on your head is good for health.

17. Also make lists 🙂 not too long. They helped Richard Branson.. chances are they will help you accomplish big things and stay sane.

I hope you’ll find inspiration for healthy growth in these ideas and you’ll use one of these.

Now a question for you:

Do you know me?

Let’s see.

Do you know that I grew up wanting to be a monk and ended up starting my first business project as a teenager.

I’d love to learn more about you. Comment here or send me a tweet @mohitpawar about your journey.


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