Course Correction

When a spacecraft gets off of its path through space, it must be put back on the right path.

Likewise in life, we need to change the course multiple times.

Without this course correction, it is tough to sail through and win because the journey of life is a long one, where everything is uncertain except birth and death.

Here is what we need to know to correct our course.

  • The playing field, basics especially.
  • Who we are playing with or against.
  • Where the edges or the boundaries of the field are.
  • The history, if something has been the path before, what they did and what the results were.
  • Available tools.

In addition to these, if you can develop the skill of preempting the challenge then even better.

Let’s see how this plays out in life.

If you want good health and have fallen off the course then you need to know the basics. That health depends on the quality of thoughts, food, and internal and external harmony.

When trying to be healthy you are playing against pollution, stress, overwork, distractions like the internet or news, bad company, and lack of routine.

For health, the edges are related to sleep and food. To be healthy you can’t eat beyond a point and can’t eat junk all the time. Similarly, if you sleep less than what is needed you’ll get sick or die. Now you know the edges make sure you are not playing there.

See if there are tools that can help you sleep better and make sure that you move.

Delve into history and see how someone like you regained her health.

And, preempt the challenges. Think about how you will ward off the obvious challenges against a healthy routine while traveling.

You can use the same approach if you are running a start or working on a big project.

What’s interesting is that if you take time to understand the above then there may be less need for course correction. Because with an understanding of the playing field, players, allies, detractors, history of the operating field, and a plan to tackle perceived challenges, we generally do well.

Are there areas of your life – where you think you need to course correct?


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