Pounce on Opportunities When They Come Your Way and Give Them All You Got

Works great for raising funds, applying to highly competitive opportunities, and things of that nature.

You can also use this approach to create opportunities for yourself.

It works really well for business building also, because business is unpredictable and market conditions keep changing.

When doing this, you have to get out of your comfort zone, but that’s not enough.

One has to be ready on all fronts.

So what do you need to go all out?

First of all, you need time for it. So carve out time. Design your life in such a way that there is always some free space in your days.

You also need energy and at times additional resources like money to throw at the opportunity.

Be in good shape mentally and physically so that you have bundles of energy to throw at the opportunity.

And save up an opportunity fund, so you have ready cash to invest. For this, keep your earnings high, burn low and make saving a priority.

Ask yourself how ready you are if your life’s opportunity comes your way?

And prepare accordingly.

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