Some Things Are Hard by Design

Bigger success takes bigger effort.

That’s why it is easier to become an entry level employee then being a CEO. For that you need a different kind of energy, charisma and brain power. A CEO’s energy and brain power, and attitude may not be superior than the employee, just different.

Similarly entrepreneurship is hard by design, because in it you dig your own well, before you get to drink water.

Same is true for acting and being a pro athlete.

To reach the elite level in any of these, you need to get a lot of things right, but more than anything you should be willing to work on mindset and whatever else it takes to make it.

Being a creator, or an author are also in the same league.

How good an author, or a creator, or an entrepreneur you become will depend on how much time and focus you put in. Having some talent helps but then your effort will differentiate how far you will reach.

And if you lack in the talent department a bit, lots of effort can make up for that. Of course, be smart enough to sense if something is not for you 🙂 but don’t come to a conclusion before you give anything that you want to do a good shot.

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