Perception Can Get You In, to Stay There, You Need More

If your customers think that your brand offers high quality, best customer service or good solution to their problem, then they will buy from you.

After they buy, if there is a gap in their perception and what your product actually stands for, then they won’t buy again.

If you don’t get repeat customers or customers who turn into ambassadors you can’t grow your business.

That is why branding, marketing and sales alone can’t save a business with a low quality product or a poor customer experience.

So, before you worry about your brand colors and visual appeal, make sure that you know your customers well. Make sure your product solves their problems and meets their expectations as well as competition or even better than them.

This is smart because it sets you up for success and reduces the dependence of your business on branding marketing and sales. With the right product, your brand and marketing dollars go a long way, way beyond they could have with a product that’s not right.

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