2017 Annual Review

My 2017 Annual Review

In this review, I look back at important themes and actions that shaped 2017 for me.

This is a personal exercise, not meant to compare my life to anyone else. I will be happy if it motivates you to write your own annual review.

Through this review, I am taking stock of what went well, what could have gone better; and see if I am living a life that makes me happy true to my own being; and allows me to improve my game and help me grow in all important aspects of life. Through this I’ll also give myself a chance to celebrate small successes that I have had.

It is both a look back on the year that was and also a note of my plans for 2018.

A big part of this annual review is reflection about whether I am living the life I want to live.

There are 3 questions that I’m going to answer in this Annual Review.

  1. What went well this year?
  2. What didn’t go so well this year?
  3. What am I working toward?

Let’s get started.

What Went Well This Year?

A good start to the year. Started the new year on a good note, with a new empowering routine (that means starting work at 8.30am) – it did wonders for productivity and being efficient, while I followed it.

Meeting new people. I met a lot of new people thanks to working a lot out of cafes. This resulted in interesting conversations and realisation that world keeps on moving even when you do not; and also that all conversations need not turn into friendship or new business – the end goal of conversation can be the conversation itself.

Communication with people who matter. I made a conscious attempt to make sure that I was talking to people who matter (you know who you are) on a regular basis. My goal was to be kind and attentive while listening to them, putting their needs before mine – I did not succeed at it 100% – but did a better job of doing it as compared to previous years.

Hustle. I hustled on a lot of different fronts. Acted more proactively than usual in different parts of my life. Need to do more but a start in right direction is a win.

Meditation. Moved into my fourth year of regular meditation practice, remained regular with my practice, and completed a 1200 day continuous streak.

Work. It was hit and miss. I’ll highlight what worked. In the first part of the year especially first quarter I was able to ride on the momentum from the end of 2016 and added new business. Made an operational plan that I am proud of. Towards the middle of year I started a new professional quest. It resulted in a new role that I started in October with a global leader in digital business space.

Becoming a better person. Became more open about accepting mistakes – it is more about accepting it to myself than in front of others. But happy that I did both.

[Some misses that started well. Business growth (creating systems, communication, processes to drive scale), and habits]

What didn’t go so well this year?

Writing: Some of biggest career wins have come through my writing. It’s a shame that I published almost nothing this year on this blog. When I look back I realize this happened because I did not commit to it and did not plan for it. I wrote everyday for work related stuff but none for my own self. Because of this, I also had to defer my book launch.

Fitness. Took a backseat. 2017 will be a year that I’ll remember for mindless eating, and not following through on intermittent commitments to improve my fitness.

Knowledge and Skills. I did not schedule time for my learning. This is important for me being a knowledge worker and as someone who people seek for guidance in my chosen professional field.

Work. I could have grown my business 5-10x of what it became eventually. It did not happen because of leadership mistakes. I did not set myself in a strategic role that I should have (lack of foresight I’d say) and let tactical minute define my days and time.

Consistency. This showed in different parts of my life where I made a lot of good starts but did not stick with it long enough – like with work routines, following through on plans for business growth. Good start is important but the responsibility is on me to build and keep the momentum.

What am I working toward?

Fitness. Make it a focus for 2018. Grow my meditation practice by moving ahead of where I have reached.

Communication. Move forward from where I am.

Learning. To have a learning plan in sync with my growth priorities. Schedule it so that it is part of my life.

Growing my body of work. Create more in form of words and videos; and ship one significant and one or two small projects. Ship everyday to stay away from the devil called procrastination.

Leverage existing body of work. I have a good body of work across my books on digital marketing and starting a business, my blog, webinars and other videos that I did while doing research on my first book and also the ones that I made towards the launch prep of my show. That combined with my existing audience is a good base. I have not done a good job of leveraging these to create bigger assets fully knowing that one or more of these can become independent brands, that can grow on their own after a period of nurturing. I plan to change it.

Create Systems. Around my life that will help me learn more, share; be healthier, wealthier and wiser in 2018.

There is more to it.. More than what you can see and perceive.

I am ending the year knowing that I did the best I could 🙂 for my relationships, wellbeing, adding value to the world and to those around me. I am not being naive and acknowledging that I did not make mistakes. Also, committing to doing it better next time around.

Right now I value inner strength, happiness, getting rid of what is not working for me, and creating space for new, destroying repetitive old patterns that hold back, unleashing more energy and deploying it for worthwhile purpose and pursuit. I also value close connections, love, compassion, acceptance for both good and what is not good in others, embracing them and self as a whole being.

I commit to do it better than I did in 2017 🙂

May you have a good 2018!



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