I Am Starting A Movement

Together in the movement of growth.

I am starting a movement.

Movement of Personal Growth.

I have always been passionate about personal growth.

I quietly worked on it, through my writing here and countless one on one interactions.

And also through my annual kickstart programs that have been going on past several years with smaller groups.

Today, I am opening it up and inviting you to join and start your own journey of personal growth.

Why A Movement Of Growth?

Because when we grow ourselves we contribute better to the world around us.

What Is The Purpose Of This Movement?

Your growth.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, author, consultant or someone wearing multiple hats.

No movement becomes a success without continuous learning aligned with its purpose. I have planned for that. For now, my writings are there. But in the future, there will be structured training programs to help you.

Here Are Our Values

  • Striving for growth
  • Helping each other
  • Hard Work
  • Integrity, following through on promises
  • Happiness as the core goal

We Believe

One person is enough but together we can do better.

You are enough but with the collective wisdom of others who are willing to help, you can do better and go even further.

There will be pitfalls and challenges in your path of growth. But you are stronger than them.

Jack Ma said it well:

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”

Interactions Matter

Digital interactions are fine but face to face also matters.

I plan to create opportunities that will allow us to meet in person.

I welcome you to join us.

For your own growth and also to help others.

Write to me – mohit [at] mohitpawar [dot] com if you want to join or want to help.

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