Practice Your Pitch

Whether you realize it or not, you need to pitch all the time, with different asks.

As a business owner, you need to go to customers and ask for the sale. If you decide to raise funds for your startup you need to pitch investors.

A business owner is not the only person who pitches for a living. Even if you are a professional working in a job, you pitch to get a new job and to get what you want from others all the time.

How do you get good at it?

By practicing it at every opportunity.

But you may not be in front of a customer, investor or a potential employer every day.

To make up for it, practice when you are with your friends and acquaintances. You can share your pitch as a story or you can tell them that you are practicing your pitch. This depends on your relationship with them and the setting you are meeting them in. One on one meeting works the best for this.

This way you would have practiced your pitch tens or hundreds of time before making the actual pitch. And, you’ll agree that it is not smart to take chances for the actual pitch. So, why not practice earlier.

If you don’t find a lot of friends to practice then try the dream 100 approach and start practicing with low hanging fruits.

I wish you’ll try this.

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