Downtime Gives You Space. It Is Up To You How You Use It

I won’t wish forced downtime on anyone.

Downtime that comes through injury, illness, job loss or any other strange reason is what I call forced downtime because it does not come out of a person’s free will.

But irrespective of what we want such instances happen in life.

From the looks of it downtime is bad.

There is disruption, the pace of life gets hampered, harmony is distributed and the person facing downtime no longer has the old comfortable routine.

But on the other hand, any downtime that does not cripple, affect cognitive abilities or does not kill a person can be useful.

It can be useful because during downtime a person gets space in life which is never there when running from pillar to post.

Lewis Howes ventured into online communities and entrepreneurial pursuits when he was down and out after a career-altering injury. Harsh Agarwal started his successful blogging career after he had met an accident. Hal Elrod also created the miracle morning after his horrible accident.

I am not for a moment suggesting that one needs to be in an accident to change their life or to create long lasting impact.

But if downtime is forced upon a person and that person survives it then it is worthwhile to spend it on doing what they always wanted to do instead of ruing the fact of facing downtime.

With this, I wish you a happy and healthy life 🙂

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