Dream 100: A Tried and Tested Approach To Winning Customers and Growing Your Business

Did you start your business with high hopes of creating an empire?

And, now even after years, you are nowhere close.

This is despite when you have the will to grow. You are busy all the time. And, you take care of your existing clients to the best of your abilities.

Time to try a new approach that has even won Fortune 500 clients for those who have tried it.

But it is ok if you want to try it on a smaller scale, to grow your business by regularly winning well-paying smaller clients who are just a dream.

The approach is simple, execution is what will take effort and time.

Here is how this approach works.

  • Make a list of 100 dream clients
  • List them from smallest to biggest
  • Don’t think how will work with them, as you make the list. If you want to work with them, however unreachable they seem, just put them there. No one is sacred here. Put any brand there that comes to mind.
  • The ones from 91-100, put those that you think are within reach by way of an existing connection or based on the kind of work you have done in the past, or industry match (ie you have expertise working in that industry)
  • To make the list – start at 91 and go up to 100. And then, write the biggest dream client and go from 1 to 10. Once this is done, fill the middle.
  • For outreach, start with last 10 (91-100) and start connecting.
  • As you start moving ahead in the list, devote a bigger chunk of time to get ready to court a client. Getting ready will include items like plotting people who might be making the decision to work with you.
  • Find common connections with those.
  • Use software (like Sales Navigator) to identify common connections and influencers and then ask for an introduction
  • Connect with these people using the approach that I shared in cold email to create warm connections.
  • Schedule face to face time or in-person time depending on where you both are and comfort of the potential client you are after
  • And, then keep the conversation going
  • Keep repeating with other companies until you win and close

Don’t miss any step.

Think about the micro skills you’ll need to make it work and then develop those microskills. Analyze where you are faltering during initial outreach. If you are coming till last stage and are not able to close then you need to get better at sales. Read books, watch videos and get better at it.

If you are stuck at connecting then you need to write effective emails.

Aim to get all your dream 100 as clients in the next 10 years, with 3-5 dream clients during the first year of using this approach.

Once your company grows, you can deploy more resources to help you achieve this. Also once you have some of your dream clients onboard it will become easier to get others.

Try this sincerely because the ability to get potential partners onboard at will is superhuman and you should definitely work on it.

Will you give it a shot?


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