Personal Time Audit for Growth

Peter Drucker's quote on improvement by measuring.

Peter Drucker said this. He also said, “Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right”.

There is nothing better than measuring where we spend our time and thinking if we are spending it on the right thing.

Why time? Because time is an ever-decreasing asset and it is the space and boundary within which we live and write the story of our lives.

Every week, think about where you are spending your time.

Are you spending it on,

  • Feeling sorry about yourself
  • Thinking about how others are doing what you want(ed) to do
  • Checking social media feeds of those who don’t care about you
  • Binge watching Netflix, YouTube or whatever your drug of choice is
  • Complaining about your circumstances or how the world or people are
  • Reading or watching videos and not taking action even when you find something inspiring and worth doing
  • Lamenting about what you didn’t do
  • Doing nothing due to fear of failure
  • Thinking of doing big things and then telling yourself that ‘you are enough’, that you are not capable of doing it


  • Sleeping enough
  • Moving your body
  • Making your mind sharp and open by reading
  • Taking action knowing very well that you might fail
  • Priming your mind to be calmest at it can be by meditating
  • Taking 10 minutes more at every mealtime to savor what you are eating
  • Carving free time so that you can dream, imagine and fuel your creativity to create value for yourself and the world
  • Planning your days and weeks
  • Doing weekly, monthly and annual reviews
  • Starting new projects
  • Working on becoming a 10x human
  • Working on 10x growth
  • Taking action on what you read and learn and share what you learned with others in a documented form (words, video)

You know which one is a better choice.

And, you have to power to choose – how to spend your time going forward irrespective of how you have spent it in the past.

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