Want To End Emotional Turmoil?

Looking for peace

We experience a lot of emotional turmoil because we don’t stop thinking about ourselves.

We can end it or at least greatly reduce it if we stop living for ourselves.

It is not easy. May be not possible right away.

What if we created space for service in our lives, in our days. When we did something that is not for ourselves but for others.

If selfless service is tough we can start with selfish service. It will still be service and it will still heal.

Are you scared that if you chose to serve and to live for others then your needs will remain unfulfilled?

Then find a middle path that allows you to serve and still take care of yourself. And, when you get what you needed, go even wider and farther.

You can choose the path of wealth and still serve like Chuck Feeney did.

There is no dearth of people who are already doing what we are scared to do or what we think is impossible. We just need to look around for inspiration and guidance, and find the will that is hiding somewhere within us.

And, service with time, love and labour is as good as service with money.

Will you try it?

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