How To Become A 10x Human?

10x Human
You don’t need to be a jumper to be a 10x human.

Have you seen one?

A 10x human.

Someone with path-breaking ideas. Who marches to her own beat, and aims to change the world around with her ideas and actions.

What is the difference between this person and the 1x human?

The Difference Between 10x and 1x Humans

Are 10x ten humans ten times talented than 1x?


Does she work ten times harder? Is it even possible?

A definite no.

How Does One Become A 10x?

You become a 10x by stop doing whatever 1x does.

What is 1x work?

Grunt work. Work that focuses on a quick return. Work that is already done a certain way. Work that focuses on pleasing people more than creating value for those involved.

A 10x human does work that is thoughtful and based on unique insights. She moves ahead knowing very well that she might fail. She is not without fear but she is confident about the path she chooses.

To do this kind of work, you need to turn away 1x work. You need to do work and make stuff that is in line with your belief. A belief in excellence. You need space in your lives for such work.

Creating this space is tough but not impossible. To create this space, you may need to switch off the TV, get out of Netflix loop, or kill your social apps. Not forever. For a short time. You can also do some grunt work ahead of time to create this space.

Simple Steps To Start on This Path

These three steps are good.

  • Commit to elevating yourself.
  • Carve time for 10x work. Start with a short window.
  • Create an environment that is supportive of this approach. It is tough to do this kind of work in an open cubicle but you may try.

A 10x human is not bound to any particular field. You will find a 10x marketer, a 10x artist, a 10x athlete, and a 10x programmer.

Michael Phelps - 10x Human

Each of these fields calls for different skills. But an open mind, curious observations, diligent practice, and cross-pollinated ideas work everywhere.

Do you wish to elevate yourself and those around you?

How about you focus on serving, increasing personal effectiveness and creating the greatest value. Who knows you are already on the path through your journey so far.

A good first step will be to cut one hour from where you can. Then invest that one hour in thinking about new more efficient ways of doing what you do.

Makes sense?

Thanks to Seth Godin for prompting this post.


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