How to Roll Well In Every New or Big Situation

My sister started a new job recently.

A new job has a lot of moving pieces.

There are new people you are getting to know. You try to understand the culture and fit in. And, there are new products to learn about and work to do.

This all can get overwhelming.

My sister is a good person with a good head on her shoulders.

Like all of us, she is not perfect and still learning.

I wanted to give her some advice that will help her now and later.

This is what I told her.

Don’t Let The Gravity Of Moment Intimidate You.

This is helpful not only if you are getting in a new job but in a lot of other situations.

Like when you are in a new client meeting, pitching your business.

In a job interview,

Or, getting ready to make a big speech.

How to put it into practice. A couple of things that help.

ONE. Learn to detach yourself from the result. Do not worry about the outcome. Focus on the task at hand like a drill. This will take practice. But it will be an asset that will help you in every walk of life.

TWO. Prepare well and become really good at what you do. The key to this is understanding micro skills and learning every day.

Combine these two and you will be unstoppable.

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