19 Life Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Today I am sharing with you nineteen life hacks may of which I use often.

They work great for me and I hope they’ll work well for you too.

Here they are.

Life Hacks You Can Use To Change Your Life

1] Sleep And Wake Up Early

This is the biggest life hack. Even if you are a night owl this is something worth trying. It can give you a massive boost in productivity and change how you take on the rest of the day.

2] Batch Tasks

This goes for anything. Running errands. Learning. Writing. Making Sales calls. Meetings. Planning. You’ll accomplish a lot when you do this.

3] Sleep More

Add 30 minutes to one hour to your sleep time. You’ll get a massive boost in energy and clarity. Research has proven that our cognitive abilities go for a toss due to lack of sleep. So, sleep more. It can give you clarity and energy which is not possible through gulping caffeine.

4] Break Your Work Day Into Two Parts

Ideally through a nap. Because nothing works like a short nap to recharge you. This approach helps when you have a lot on your plate or you choose to do a lot. Winston Churchill used this approach through his life to achieve what he did.

5] Find One Life-changing Action And Do It Every Day

What this action will be, depends on where you are in life now. You’ll have to introspect and look at your goals to find this one thing. Take however long it takes to find this. Chances are you already know what it is.

If you are a business owner, then find new customers and do every day whatever will get you, new customers. As an author, write every day. An employee, looking to be on top in her field – learn and apply new knowledge about your area of work. As an actor, it will be performing new scenes every day. For a sportsperson, it will be working on fitness and skills related to whatever sport you pursue. You get it.. right 🙂

6] Take A Bath Before Bedtime

It is not only for external cleansing but also for internal cleansing of elements which is also known as bhuta shuddhi. All in all, it makes you calm and gets you in a place where you get maximum value out of your sleep time.

7] Meditate For 5 Minutes As Soon As You Wake Up

This is short enough to not have time-related excuses and long enough to accrue benefits like being centered and calm through the day. Over the long run, you’ll experience a stronger immune system, less anger, and increased focus.

8] Stack Habits On Top Of Each Other

Do one thing after other that until it becomes a habit. Here is a power stack of habits. Meditate for 5 minutes as soon as you get up, drink a glass water or two right after this, walk for 10 minutes after this, wash your face right after this, read 5 pages of a book, after this write 1 page in your journal, then invest 30 minutes to one hour doing your most important task of the day. This way you’ll work through a lot that you want to do without overthinking when.

9] Take Cold Water Baths

I have not taken a warm water bath in three years now irrespective of the weather. It is a solid caffeine substitute. It also increases dopamine in our body which is a feel-good hormone. It is the same chemical that gives us pleasure through food, sex, and social interaction. So, worth trying as a natural mood booster and alertness enhancer.

10] Make A Shorter To-do List

Ditch your long to-do list. Go for 2-6 tasks and no more on your list, and no more than 1-2 super important tasks on your list. You will accomplish without dying under the psychological burden of a long to-do list.

11] Never Do Task #2 Before Task #1

This means when you start work don’t move from one task to another until you complete the first one. And, same for subsequent tasks in the day.

12] Get Into A Habit Of Cutting Everything You Do In Smaller Chunks

Do this for anything that will take you more than a couple of hours to do. Cut every task or project into micro-chunks that you can tackle in 15 minutes at a time. This will make sure that there will be no reason to not do anything.

13] Master Typing

We are in the age of voice search and voice typing. So master voice typing and if you are like me who types a lot of words on a laptop then also master touch typing. Because most of us are typists before being anything else so makes sense to be a good one.

14] Delegate Non-Essential Work

Get other people to do anything that does not help you learn or ship something related to your goals. This way you’ll spend your time (which is the most precious thing that you have) on the tasks with the highest leverage. There will be times where you’ll not be able to apply this like as an employee or an early stage entrepreneur who is tight on money. In both situations and other situations like this, do it as soon as you can and to the extent you can.

15] Get Professional Guidance

Identify the areas where you want to grow and seek professional help from those who have done it before. This is big and important if you are aiming for 10x growth.

16] Begin Your Day With The Pomodoro Technique

Francesco Cirillo developed this technique in the late 1980s. In this, you use a timer to break your work into short intervals (usually 25 minutes) and you take short breaks in between. It is especially useful if you find it hard to focus on. Start your day with 1-2 pomodoros like this and get on top of the day.

17] Send Fewer Emails

Less you send, less you get. With this, you’ll increase a lot of space in your day and life to focus on what is important to you. You can also reduce your email volume by sending short emails with one ask in each email.

18] Call (Reconnect With) One Friend Every Day

Life gets busy and we leave people, who were important to us once, behind. We can change that. You don’t need to push it and call people you don’t like.

Chances are you have a small people of people you appreciate and who like hearing from you. Call them often and you will be saved from shallow relationships that you might get into to fill the void. Your friends also get the same benefit 🙂 so a win-win.

19] Celebrate Sundays As Device-Free Days

It is good for a change of pace and also to train your brain to experience life without a device, like old days. It is beautiful by the way and you should try it.

It may take some effort to use these lifehacks but if you do, your life may change for better.

I wish you’ll give these a shot.


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