Leave Things Better Than You Found Them

Do you want people to remember you and sing your praises to others?

If you do then try this simple hack.

Get in the habit of leaving things and people better than you found them.

There are other side effects of this hack. The best of them is that when you do it for others you can’t help but change things for better in your own life too.

You can easily implement this in case of a client-agency and employee-employer relationship, by going for quick wins.

When it comes to personal relationships, lending an ear or shoulder may be all that you need.

You can do it for society by volunteering your time or sharing what you know through a blog, book or video.

There may be some situations where it may not be possible to leave something better than when you found it like the hotel room you stayed in for the night. In that case, strive to leave it as you found. Same goes for the public toilet you used or the book you borrowed.

Don’t wait to practice this until you meet someone or travel out of the home. Start with yourself and everyday aim to be 1% better than you were yesterday.

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