Learn Anything with 100 Day Immersion Technique

I am a sucker for learning with purpose.

That is why I run experiments to learn new things about myself and also spend time learning new skills. I do it because I know that not learning anything new equals to a slow and steady run towards professional death.  

Do you think the same and believe learning is essential to growth?

If you do, then it is worthwhile to try the 100-day immersion technique to learn anything you think is worth your present or future.

You gotta be smart about what you choose to learn during these 100 days. If what you want to learn is made up of different disciplines then get really good at the primary discipline and devote 50-70% of your time to learn it. Keep 30-50% for your time to learn the secondary disciplines.

For example, if you want to learn digital marketing then spend the majority of your time learning about Acquisition techniques (content creation, SEO, content marketing and paid search), the rest of the time to learn about Conversion and Retention techniques. Also, keep some time to learn measurement (analytics, etc).

So, a 100-day digital marketing immersion will look like this:

FocusNumber of Days
Content Creation (Blogging, Social, Video)20
Content Marketing10
Paid Search 10
Email Marketing (for Conversion and Retention)10
Copywriting (for Conversion)10
Landing Pages (for Conversion)10

With this approach, you should be able to get a good grasp of digital marketing or any other skill you want to in a short time.

What skill do you want to get good at in the next 100 days, and get a head start in 2020?


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