Stages of Learning: How We Learn

We grow by learning.

We learn even when we don’t try to do it.

This is the first stage of learning, the subconscious learning. 

In this, we absorb from behaviours, thoughts, and approach to doing stuff and our reaction to different situations, mostly from our environment and people around us.

Next is conscious learning. 

When we make a choice to learn about something.

Now this kind of learning has different layers.

You can learn by reading a book or watching a video.

But if you stop at just reading or watching you’ll not be able to retain any learning.

To actually absorb it, you need to act on what you are reading or watching, soon after or while you are reading or watching a video.

This kind of learning helps, but it is not quick because there is no structure to it.

Next stage of learning is structured learning.

You can do it yourself or get someone else’s help to do it.

Online courses are an example of DIY structure learning.

You can also make your own learning plan to learn something. So you can make a 100-day learning plan, and use the immersion technique to learn anything.

Next comes which probably is the most efficient kind of learning which is learning with a coach or someone who has already done with what you have done.

In this, your coach gives you a structured learning plan, and also spends time with you, clearing your doubts, keeping you accountable, measuring gaps and fine tuning your attempts.

Of course, for any type of learning, nothing happens until you put what you learn into practice.
Remember nothing is out of bounds. You can learn anything and grow as much as you choose to.

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