How to use your freedom?

freedomIn countries across the world scores of freedom fighters made tremendous sacrifices to ensure that future generations will be able to talk and act freely.

They have given the current generations a platform on which we can build our own lives. You and I, both of us have been given this opportunity to create a life that we love. Most of us don’t even think about this freedom that we have. That is OK; more important is to act in the direction of our dreams. This is the first step.

What is true freedom?

  • Being master of your own time. It is the ability to be with your loved ones when you want to. Travel the world if that is on your mind. Doing what you love — whether it is being in a job or running your own enterprise.
  • Living an awakened life: This is being mindful of your actions. Listening with intent, taking time to cherish small joys of life — a raindrop falling on your face, gentle evening breeze touching your body, watching the rising sun and eating mindfully, without any rush.
  • Not only looking rich but actually being rich: Money is important. It helps people buy stuff and live an easy life. But in this credit card generation the focus is more on looking rich — moving in a flashy car, establishing a style statement — more than being rich i.e. actually having money in the bank.
  • Living your dreams: As children we dream of becoming astronauts, writers, and actors. With passing time realities of life take over and dreams take a back seat. Truly free souls keep their dreams close to them and make every possible attempt to live them.

How do you use your freedom?

Teenagers use their freedom to go out on their own. Those living in hostels do their own late nighters. Young people who start earning they enjoy their freedom by spending on things they once thought of buying.

How do you use your freedom? Do you use it by making the best use of time or living a purpose-driven life?

What more you can do?

Appreciate it.

Acknowledging contribution of others is a good thing to do. Freedom fighters, our parents all have a role in how our lives have shaped. Thanking them for their good deeds never hurts. Writing is one way of remembering those gone. I am doing it right now. The idea is to bring your attention to it.

Then build on it.

  • Appreciate the gifts of life like fresh air and unconditional love
  • Use the power of choice to shape your life
  • Work every day on getting closer to your dream

Help others create the same

  • Listen to people
  • Use your talents and skills to help them
  • Hand hold on their way to success
  • Make realistic promises and fulfill them

When you do this you will truly utilize your freedom.

There is another question that you may ask “What will make me truly free?”

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