Putting knowledge to use

knowledge_packageWhat is a book? It is a writer’s thought in consumable format. As a writer you first package and then people consume.

Blog is same, information packaged to consume.

You have read a lot and have tons of experience. How do you step up your game? You do it by putting your knowledge to use. It is best done by packaging what is inside your brain. If you want to earn more money or want to get a better job — you need to package your knowledge so that your target audience can easily consume it.

How does it help?

It helps manifold. You get to organize information — an important skill; then you communicate. The process of thinking and recording helps you in knowing yourself better.

MohitPawar.com is my way of sharing with you the information and thoughts that cross my mind at various points — during meetings, interactions with friends or while sitting alone. By recording these thoughts I make sure that I have an opportunity to reach out to you and share what I think can be of help. You give my ideas wings by sharing it with your friends and people who you think can use it. Thanks for that.

If I do not capture my thoughts then my brain will just be a passing zone for these thoughts. I add value to my thinking time by recording it. Each one of us can do it.

Why to package?

Develop personal brand: Sharing useful info is a way of creating a strong personal brand. If the info is unique it makes your task easier. Without packaging your knowledge it is hard for you to share it. In packaged form more people will likely consume it.

Earn money: You can earn money by getting people to pay for your knowledge.

Take MBA – it is information packed and delivered in a structured fashion. Of course there are other elements like classroom discussions and cultural engagement — but everything revolves around the information package.

Imagine handing over all those books and case studies to students without any structure. Will there be as many takers for it? There may be takers — but will they pay the same price for it? That is why there is a huge difference between the cost of classroom and distance programs.

Give wheels to your ideas: If you have an idea worth sharing it is better to bring it out of the confines of your brain. When you package it you make sure that the word goes out.

How to package and use it?

Sit down one morning or put aside couple of hours to think about what you have learnt so far in life. Think about the ideas that you are passionate about and want to take forward. Note it down on paper or digitally.

Once you have found out what it is that you want to share – think about the form or medium you want to pack it in. Your knowledge can be packaged in form of a workshop, a weekend training program, an email series, a video seminar, a newsletter and the likes. A blog is one of the simplest stating points.

Now is the time

Do not wait to acquire more knowledge before you can package and share it. You will learn more along the way. If you work in marketing start a blog about your observations on various brands or how it could have been done better. As a student you may chronicle your passion and learning outside academics.

Sure there is something that you know better than many, start with it. Starting is the key. It can always be made better once you start.

What is that you want to share with the world?

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