Freedom To Quit: We Don’t Need To Maintain Everything We Start

Because our time is limited and our attention is limited.

And, we change every day.

We are not the same person we were yesterday.

The change may not be visible. But it is there.

That is what we liked yesterday, we may not like today.

We may not be excited anymore about something that gave us purpose until last month.

And, so much can change in a year. The world around us, our goals and life situations.

Then why so much hue and cry when we change.

It is not needed.

If you experience it, it is ok to ignore it because some actions, habits, and patterns may not be sustainable.

This is so important to understand early in life and at the moment when you are scared to let go because the world told you what lies ahead is scary.

Run your own experiments, make your own mistakes and stick to what works and feel free to leave behind what doesn’t.

Of course, be mindful, more so when we deciding about relationships than when it is about getting rid of a pair of jeans that no longer serves you.

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