Three Ways to Grow a Career

Almost every professional thinks of career growth. Some do it often, almost incessantly and some when they are stuck in a rut.

How to Grow a Career

There are numerous ways to grow a career. And at its core are learning, applying that learning to create assets and career capital, and sharing what you learn. That is on a tactical level.  

Today let’s see three strategies to grow a career.

1/ Grow with a great company.

Get in early into a company that is into a high growth trajectory. You can’t time such things but be sure to get in before it has become too big. And, then stay there for a while as it goes through different stages of growth. If you have done good work, then you’ll get opportunities to create and lead new projects within the company.

2/ Go deep on a passion.

Find something that you enjoy doing and go deeper than anyone else so that you start seeing what others don’t see and then share that with those because what you see is so valuable and useful for everyone.

3/ Become a node.

You can do this whether you are in a job or working on something of your own. For becoming a node, put the spotlight on people who are already successful in a particular field, by doing interviews, or making content about them or hosting a virtual summit, and by being consistent and strategic with it. Harry Stebbings became well known in the VC world by working on TheTwentyMinuteVC podcast, without the usual credentials, and reached a point soon, to be able to start his own VC fund.

Are you focused on growing your career right now? Then what is the approach you are using?

If you have already seen career success, what worked for you?

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