How to Get Rid of Creator’s Block

I was talking to a creator friend and she was not able to move forward on a project that’s dear to her.

We discussed how she can come out of her creative block.

Sharing the ideas that we discussed.

1. Stop thinking about it. It is more important than not doing it which is also important. Oftentimes it happens then we keep on thinking about doing something and not do it. That means our brain is still working round the clock and not getting a much needed break or creative rejuvenation. That is only possible when you allow yourself to not create anything some time.

2. Change how you arrive at the end result. For example, if you want to write an article and you are not able to write. Then record some thoughts and the change of medium tends to do the trick.

3. Move. Because a lot of mental blockage comes from physical blockage. If the body is not moving, it is tough for the ideas to flow in mind. And nothing works as well for this as taking long walks.

If you are a creator experiencing a creative block, hope you’ll give these ideas a shot.

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