Practical or Innocent?

practical or innocent

Practical people succeed.

Innocent people succeed bigger.

Because innocent people save and invest a ton of mental energy that practical people spend on saying or doing what is practical. Practical often is equal to being safe.

That is why practical people avoid big risks. Also, the perception of risks is heightened in them because they think a lot about the pros and cons.

On another side, innocent people do not think too much about ifs and buts and in most cases, the idea of something they want to pursue being risky does not even enter their head.

They just want to do it. Because their heart is there.

Innocent people are also hit the hardest when things go wrong – like when they are in love or working on unbelievable ideas what the world sees as risky.

Both types can be smart but innocent people work without the acquired filter of practical people. The filter of ‘what if it did not work’.

Innocent people do what their heart is after. This also makes them bolder without trying.

One is not better than another.

Being practical does not make you bad. Like how being innocent does not make you God.

Both types have certain advantages or disadvantages.

This is about who you are.

You can try cultivating innocence or practically if you are low on any one of these but I am not sure how it works because I never tried it myself. Maybe in the future 🙂

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