Learn Less, Do More: Ideas for My Little Sister That You Too Can Use

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My little sister is an Instagram ninja.

She has grown large accounts organically and used Instagram for showcasing events even before ‘stories’ made an appearance on the platform.

Because we talk so much, her work and what she is observing at the moment come up often.

We also discuss how the platform (and the world) is changing.

She knows to keep growing in this ever-changing world, she needs to keep learning.

That is why she reads, downloads a lot of videos from online learning platforms, watches them at length, and observes what uber successful creators are doing. She then uses this understanding to form her own approach to growth and engagement. Only after this, she starts taking action.

Recently I told her how this approach is ok for someone who does strategy, who only guides how things are to be done. But for a person like her who does both the strategic and the tactical part of the work, it is important to apply all tactical bits while she is learning them. It makes sure that she doesn’t miss out on applying anything that she reads or watches.

In real life, it means learning less and doing more. For every 1-2 hours of watching videos to learn – she should spend 2-3 hours to implement what she learns.

This will allow her to get the maximum value out of whatever time she spends learning.

Once she gets a little further ahead she should still be working in the trenches. But she should start taking some hours from her ‘doing’ time and add those hours to ‘exploring’.

The kind of exploration I suggest is super important for 10xgrowth.

In this exploration, you don’t take notes. You read to understand and open your mind. Such exploration should be across subjects and themes. This allows the development of intelligence through a natural synthesis of learning that even continues while we sleep.

Anyone can use this approach based on where they are in their journey.

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