Use Automation To Supercharge Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Automations are the 8th wonder of the world.

Here are four of them to supercharge your email marketing.

1/ Welcome Series

If you don’t have a welcome series or onboarding sequence for your subscribers, you miss out on an opportunity to greet them as they enter your world, Introduce yourself, and set expectations. Set up a welcome sequence or start with a single welcome email to fix this.

If you are adding a welcome series, then use one of the emails in the series to introduce subscribers to your most profitable and top-selling products. You can survey users of the app and ask for features they’d like to see or the ones they use the most. You can feature customer testimonials in this same sequence to win customer trust.

2/ Loyal subscriber special

Offer subscribers who have been on your list for a while a special deal or invite them to a specially priced preview for new products. Automate it by sending this to all subscribers three, four, or six months after they subscribe.

3/ Ask them what they want

In this automation, you give 2-3 options to subscribers to choose the product/s they are most interested in and tag their interest to send them targeted communication.

4/ Use triggers to segment

Send a single email where your only goal is to get your subscribers to engage by checking a URL. It can be anything, a page on your website, the app store’s landing page for your app. Tag anyone who takes action as engaged subscribers. Send such engaged subscribers your emails first. This tells ESPs that people want your email and your delivery rate improves. 

Don’t overcomplicate this if you have less than 50-100k subs. Just go with 2-3 tags or one simple engaged user tag.

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