Automation Is the 8th Wonder of the World

It makes your life easy, so much that it is hard to believe.

The most straightforward automation like scheduling content (blogs, tweets, social media posts) ensures that you post your content when most of your audience is online.

I scheduled this blog to go out ahead of time.

It makes it easy for me to stick to my daily blogging routine without needing to sit in front of the screen at a particular time.

Another simple automation is scheduling emails to go out and snoozing emails to get in front of the queue when you want to. This makes sure that you don’t have to rely on your memory to do certain things.

Tools like Zapier can save you hours, weeks, and months by doing a lot of work, like making different software talk to each other. However, this work is boring, time taking, and cumbersome. 

You can use automation for hiring, sending client reports, and getting important reports sent to you.

So automation gives you the power to spend time on only things that keep you in the zone of genius. And, that’s one way of making millions of dollars.

You are only limited by your imagination about how and where to use automation. So pick out an area of life you’d like to automate and search online or seek out someone who knows it to unleash the magic of automation in your life.

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