Blog or Podcast Your Way to a Book

I am big on leveraging one piece of content for making something else.

And why not combine several blog posts or podcast episodes into a book.

Because it makes the idea of writing a book into a reality.

Writing a book as a standalone project is daunting. 

I know it as someone who has done it twice myself and helped many others write their books as a book coach. I know it takes a ton of effort, drive, and time to write a good book.

Using your blog posts or podcast episodes for a book breaks your book writing into microtasks. 

It does something more: it gives you quick wins and feedback because waiting months or years to finish a book and get feedback is taxing and not very fruitful.

You can’t pick random blogs or podcasts and turn them into books. You need to plan for it.

Building an outline is a good starting point. 

Build it as if you are writing an outline for your book. 

If you are not sure how to structure your book, look at the Amazon preview of similar books and use that to guide the structure of your book.

Podcasts can help even more with your book. You can record a solo podcast to get your thoughts about a topic out of your head. It works for people who find writing challenging and 

And create content based on that.

Use a service like Rev to get your content transcribed, and then it is just a matter of editing it yourself or hiring someone to edit it.

Invite those you want in the book on your podcast if you’re going to feature interviews in your book.

If you write or record a pod weekly, give yourself about a year to gather suitable material for a book.

And use your blog or podcast to build a future audience for your book.

Of course, there is more to writing a book, like research, edits, rewriting, more edits – even before one gets into design and printing galleys.

But getting the first shitty draft is the most important thing to do if you want others to call you an author, and this process helps you do that.

And, if you commit to a consistent effort of writing a blog or publishing a podcast, you can turn it into a more impactful lucrative endeavor if you plan for it, as I shared above.

Good luck with it.

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