Keep Track of Your Work Wins Because No One Else Would

When getting into a new job or a client relationship, keep track of what you did and your wins.

It helps with retainer renewals or promotions because having a record of your wins and accomplishments makes your pitch or request data-backed. Such requests are harder to decline than those without any data to back them.

You can also leverage it while interviewing for new roles and pitching new customers.

It is impossible to set aside time to go back and note everything later. It is time-consuming, stressful, and nearly impossible to do later. To do that, you’ll have to drop something. So do that daily. Take 2-3 minutes to add worthy actions to a spreadsheet at the end of a workday. Think of it as the time you are investing in your future.

Also, record your failures and what did not work to make a plan not to repeat them. You can also sandwich your mistakes between your wins when selling a higher price for your future work. That will make you sound like a human and not make the other party mention your mistakes.

This rarely can be useful when trying to fix a situation where someone is blaming them for not doing the work, but if it comes to that, it’s probably too late to fix anything. But it will help you increase retainers and get a raise.

Start now and record your wins and accomplishments if you are reading it today.

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