Slow and Fast

The world has a tendency to move back and forth.

New fashion becomes old until it is new again.

Pre-industrialization everything was slower than it is now. So we wanted to make it fast.

As the world advanced into industrialization, we traded carriages for cars.

We didn’t end there. Machines continue to invade our lives, bringing us comfort and speed. Now we have robots in homes to clean the floors and software robots to automate work, at least a part of it.

Once we realize that we are going too fast, we’ll want to go slow.

That is why there is a slow food movement. And, artisanal coffee shops are popping up and thriving even when their coffee is more expensive than machine powered faster Starbucks. The patrons of these coffee shops go there to experience slow care that a barista puts into making their coffee.

The realization of going too fast does not come to the whole society at once. But person to person, groups to groups.

If you are an entrepreneur – think about a brand that grew on the back of speed. Then create a slow more caring version of it. You’ll be in for a big win because a part of its customers will already be craving for a slower version of it.

Do you see some trends being shaped by this phenomenon?

Meditation is one such trend.

People who realize that they are going too fast, want to use meditation as an antidote, even when it is much more than that.

What else you see when you look around or think about?

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