10 Point Advice for Remote Workers

  1. Design your environment
  2. Set boundaries (set start and end times)
  3. Don’t forget to move
  4. Take time to connect with those outside work
  5. Learn to get really good at written async communication. This makes sure that you won’t sit in avoidable meetings which could have been a short/long email.
  6. Batch meetings on a particular day/s of the week. This makes sure you remain productive.
  7. Know that it’s okay to be not productive all the time
  8. Make time for hobbies and people, it will make you a more effective worker
  9. Don’t take any gig or role because it is offered to you, choose what syncs with your goals and preferred lifestyle
  10. When remote you don’t have to work from your home, you can work from anywhere. That’s the point.

    I also wrote this piece on remote work earlier which you may find useful.

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