How To Automate Handholding and Onboarding of New Team Members

ConvertKit used automated email sequences for onboarding new team members.

This is better than sending employees a link to the new team member learning and onboarding portal.

And, much much better than sending new team members a single dump of links to all manuals, essential contacts, playbooks, and internal wikis.

With an automated sequence similar to ConvertKit, you can introduce new hires to each of these, one by one by giving them enough time to go through and start using each of those documents.

This is excellent for making sure they see what they should in their first 30+ days.

See, once you go past 10 team members, you need thorough documentation and a process for employee onboarding.

And automated onboarding works great to introduce new team members to different processes and parts of your business.

You can make it interesting. How interesting is only limited by your creativity?

For example, you can gamify it and offer a reward to all those who take certain actions. Will definitely make it more fun and productive.

You can also send out one email with fun facts for all team members with a prompt for the recipient to share a similar fun fact.

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