13 Things We Couldn’t Do 10/20 Years Back and Take for Granted Now

  1. Carrying a diary, watch, camera, and more inside your pocket
  2. Building a startup within a month
  3. Living in one place and working in far-off different cities
  4. Getting face to face with anyone across the world
  5. Streaming our favorite movies or series on-demand without downloading anything
  6. Running your own media empire from anywhere as a YouTuber or social media influencer
  7. Using wireless internet
  8. Calling a friend or family member overseas without going through a telephone exchange
  9. How we access our money, make payments, and do deposits.
  10. Accessing the entire world’s knowledge through a search engine and finding almost anything you are looking for
  11. How we find and book a ride
  12. How we access and read books. No more waiting to go to a bookstore and read a book. You can buy audiobooks or a kindle version of a book and read it instantly.
  13. Same for music. Your favorite music is at your fingertips now, without needing to store it in vinyl, cassette tape, or CD.

What else will you add to this?

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