7×7: A Plan for Living a Full Life

For those seeking balance and worrying that mundane is eating their time and life, here is a plan.

I call it 7×7.

It is easy to remember.

Accounts for everything that is important in our lives. 

And, it does not push you to the edges.

It offers a plan to meditate, rest, work, spend time with friends and family, all anchored in number 7.

7 activities.

4 that take 7 minutes + 3 that take 7 hours each.

Here they are:

7 minutes may look less for building genuine connections, but you can identify people to connect during exploration hours, batch this process to be efficient and automate first outreach. During the 7 minutes of connection, you can engage with those you have reached out to, in their social feed, to strengthen the connection.

If you’ll have a long work commute, then use it for learning and account for that as part of our learning or leisure hours. That’s the world we live in.

And if you have a goal that needs intensity, then increase time investment for that goal.

Besides these adjustments, 7×7 is a good baseline for living a full life, without ignoring important pieces that you can use to do a lot of what you want and minimize regrets.

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