Do This for B2B Sales: A 6-Point Plan

Try this if you are struggling to sell to small and large businesses.

Here is what you should try.

  1. Ditch mass promotional efforts. Start by mapping all decision-makers that have a say in buying what you sell. Then get in touch with all of them. To do it at scale, following an ABM (Account-Based Marketing) Strategy. This is based on the research that suggests that there can be up to 15 people in an enterprise, who can have an impact on buying decisions. The bigger and more crucial the deal, the more people get involved. It’s not smart to leave anyone out hence work through all contacts as pitch what you sell.
  1. Always find someone who can connect you with the person you are trying to target. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an amazing tool for this.
  1. Don’t spread yourself thin by going after multiple industries. Instead, pick a niche and niche down both your product and the pitch. Pick your first niche by reaching out and talking to professionals in a particular niche, based on an educated guess about where your process will find early takers. Then modify what you sell for that niche. If you are selling career advisory then you can niche down to – career advisor for STEM professionals.
  1. While doing the above do not ignore your personal brand. This has to be an ongoing parallel effort. Because if you have a strong personal brand it will increase the visibility of your business brand also. This, in turn, will open more doors, and get people, those who are on the fence, in the door.
  1. Augment your personal brand growth efforts, write features for publications that the leaders, in a niche you are trying to win in, read.
  1. Build partnerships with non-competing consultants in the industries you are trying to reach. These can be partnerships where they don’t have to help you sell. They can help by getting the right people on your webinars or just by connecting prospective buyers with you.

With these six points as part of your broad sales and outreach strategy, you’ll see faster and bigger success in B2B sales.

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