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private signIn today’s world so conscious of appearances and how we look in public — we put a lot of effort in creating the right facebook profile, 100% complete LinkedIn profile with good recommendations and 500+ connections. If you have a blog or something similar online then you try to create an inviting about page.

Some of you may ask — is this not important? Sure it is. All these profiles and how you look in public — online or offline — is important. It is part of your personal brand. In fact, it is our duty to try and look the best we can — in any social situation. So be happy, I have accepted the importance of keeping your public profiles in shape.

Now let me ask you a question — do you behave in office the way you do at home? I know the answer –   at home you behave mostly as you are — less gap between feeling and expression; at work you project an image – to please, to assert or to get the work done. If there was no forced projection then there will be no unrest in the mind of youth and white-collar professionals today. This unrest emerges from the gap between what you really are and what you want to show you are.

Similarly there is a gap — between your real self and what your facebook or LinkedIn profile says about you. Even if you share the truth on these profiles — it does not list everything that exists and is important in your life.

Have you ever thought about creating a private profile — only for yourself —which you can look at everyday or every month and review all the things that are important for you? A space — which will help you know — are you really happy, are you doing what you want to do in life; are you well connected to people who matter to you; are you on the right path.

This can be your personal Kaizen space; it can give your own readiness score for living life to the fullest. This, if you want, can help you do things that matter to you the most. It will be your everything, no-hold barred space – where you need not omit anything because somebody will see it.

A diary or journal do many of these thing for you; but there you record and do not ask many questions. Here you become one to one with yourself. You can ask some tough questions if the need be. The idea is not to be critical of your own self but to give a chance to reflect, improve and be happy.

For those who are still not sure about what all to include in your private profile. Write what is important to you. You actually need not exclude anything; because this is your private sanctuary — You and only You rule here. Start with a single page. Chances are — as you go on exploring — this page will convert into pages. You can think about as a mini-autobiography with a purpose of keeping you happy and sane.

Here are some ideas for starters. (Better if you let it be qualitative than quantitative; there should be no multiple choice questions here. First ask a question — that can be answered with a yes or no. Then see if you are happy with answer. If you are happy then it is cool. If you are not happy then ask yourself what will make your happy and do that. Keep your happiness at the core.)

Your duty to self: Ask yourself “How am I doing? Am I happy generally?”  Ask — are you being good to yourself – meaning are you stuffing your brain with right thoughts and body with right food. Are your giving yourself time to celebrate and relax. Same way ask about your duty for your loved ones and if you are keen — for the world.

You as an entrepreneur: Ask —what is your entrepreneurship motive? (You motive can be money, fame, power, serving the humanity — one or all of these) Are you fulfilling that motive? Are you doing it the right way? The way it ought to be done — with integrity, being transparent with your consumers. You know what I am talking about. If you are not sure please ask in comments and I will be happy to elaborate.

Your dharma or life’s purpose: Ask yourself – do you know what purpose of your life is? Are you living your life aligned with your purpose or on a different path? If your life is not aligned with your life’s purpose; you will have hard time being REALLY happy.

Are you giving life your best shot: Are you on a path of a well-lived life? As I write this — I recall reading following lines as a kid – from an interview of golfing great Nick Faldo. Nick said in that interview – not exact but something similar — I do not want to sit back one day and think that I could have done it better. You see childhood memories do stick. This reminds me of telling parents — be sure of what (information) you are feeding your kids.

What this private profile will do for you?

This will help you stay true to yourself. When you are true to yourself — you will come across to people as a real person and not a made up act. It will also help you stay sane and most importantly you will be happy from inside.

Do you already do something similar? Are you really happy, ask yourself now? I wish we all were.

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