You are not someone’s judgement.

You are not your hardships.

You are not your triumphs.

You are not your past.

You are not your future even.

You are what you see

When you look at you in the mirror..

… of your thoughts.

Who you see there

can change the course of your life.

Hope you’ll choose right today…

… when you meet yourself (in) the mirror

And you’ll see a person who values herself,  

Who is capable, 

Who lives in the moment, 

Who may be bogged by the chaos, because she is human

Who knows that pain and pleasure are life

Who accepts failure and moves on

Who sees life as a journey…

… where we come and go, from and to different places and meet different people

And, who more than anything else plans to do something worthwhile in this one wild and precious life 🙂

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