Beware of the Social Media Echo Chamber

Social media is an echo chamber.

One that we live in for a good part of our day.

There we see most people are like us, and they talk and think like us.

It gives us a false sense of being right when we may not be.

And over time we see what gets acknowledged and validated and we share more of similar thoughts, even at the cost of not saying what we want to.

And that’s social media from which we went to engage and absorb and become a place where we go to find our sense of security to seek validation.

That’s dangerous.

Because it takes you away from your real self.

If it is dangerous what is healthy then?

It is to – once in a while seek out those who have different opinions than you and hear out those who don’t agree with you.

It will keep you balanced and grounded, and not break you when someone tells you that you are wrong, because any one of us can be wrong at any point and there is no harm in accepting that.

In Fact it is a sign of maturity and growth.

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