51 tips on writing

writingWhy write?

  1. To express
  2. To impress
  3. To inspire
  4. To learn more about oneself
  5. To develop clear thought
  6. To become a better communicator
  7. To break monotony
  8. To let future generations know about your thought process
  9. To make money — as a freelancer, journalist or published author
  10. To take your thoughts to a large audience (via a blog or print publication)
  11. To hone your writing skills
  12. To record your thoughts
  13. To give a vent to your emotions
  14. To teach
  15. To share knowledge
  16. To evangelize an idea
  17. To answer a question
  18. To appreciate and show gratitude
  19. To build a personal brand

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writing on sandHow to write?

  1. Be sure that you want to write
  2. Commit to writing
  3. Sit down and write
  4. Record ideas as they emerge in a small notebook
  5. Record ideas on your mobile phone
  6. From those ideas pick topics, create outline and develop a writing piece
  7. Think and write
  8. Just write without thinking
  9. Put a pen to notebook and write whatever comes to your mind
  10. Repeat same on a computer screen (if that is the way your work)
  11. Write a sentence, some more sentences, create a paragraph, add paragraphs to make an article
  12. Start small – with email, write them well
  13. Write as if you are talking with somebody
  14. Write for reader — think about writing for a friend or for your mom
  15. Write about your experiences Write about your first thought in the morning
  16. Focus on clear expression
  17. Take a writing class
  18. Participate in NaNoWriMo (for those interested in fiction writing)
  19. Read Strunk and White’s Elements of Style and William Zinsser’s On Writing Well

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writingHow to find time to write?

  1. Write first thing in the morning
  2. Write before you sleep
  3. Write before lunch
  4. Shift to 4×4 lifestyle and write after your 4-hour work day
  5. Write every day
  6. Write on weekends
  7. Write while traveling out of town — in your hotel room
  8. Write while at home
  9. Write while on a flight or in a cab
  10. Write while traveling to work

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Bonus: Writing hacks

  1. Record a casual conversation, listen to the audio and convert it into a written piece
  2. Convert your emails into an article (Paul Graham wrote this piece on writing in the process of answering an email.)

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