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readingThis is for all those who say that they want to read but cannot read.

I was inspired to write this after a discussion with a close friend who shared he wants to read but can’t. He buys a lot of books but does not read much.

Recently he has started writing and I think it will be good for him to read to gain perspective on various topics.

To make it is easy for you to absorb and use; I have first listed reasons why many people do not read or what they cite these as their reason of not reading. Then I have presented solution/s for that challenge right after the challenge itself. Let us explore. Many reasons but these are the ones I think are prominent.

1. Lack of patience. It is really hard for you to read a book from start to finish. You pick a book, flip pages, read one or two pages and then put it back.

Solution: Pick up a book — not a thick one but one with 100-120 pages. If you want to read a management book — try “The One Minute Manager”. Give yourself a time-frame of 1 month to finish this book. That will be 3 pages per day. Do you think you can do it?

You may also feel impatient if is a lot of nervous energy inside. Solution lies in working on being centred. Try mediation, running, cold water bath or simply lying on your back and focusing on your breath — better do Savasana just before you start reading. This will help you in other areas of life as you will be more relaxed, focused and alert.

2. No time. To read or buy books.

Solution: If reading time is your problem then read while you travel to work and while getting back home. You can also read while you switch between meetings. Homemakers can switch their TV time with books. If buying time is an issue with you, buy online. You can also buy audiobooks. Go one step ahead and try a Vook.

3. Lack of energy: You have wish but no will to read; because you are too tired or too lazy to read. You would rather sleep than read.

Solution: This happens when you are sleep deprived. Give sleep priority. When you wake up after a deep and long slumber – then try reading with a cup of hot beverage.

4. No money for books. When you do not plan to spend money on books.

Solution: In such a situation — read online on authority websites. You can also go old world and visit a library. There are many nuggets available on Project Gutenberg as well.

5. Not able to comprehend. You can read but not comprehend what the author is trying to convey.

Solution: Work on your vocabulary, use dictionary as the need be. It also depends on your understanding of the topic before you start reading. For example if you have a background in marketing; it will be easy for you to read a book on marketing. You will also be able to grasp and gain more. In a situation if you want to read fiction then read 2 pages of fiction for every 10 pages of marketing.

Do not focus on reading a page. Read paragraph by paragraph. Read authors known for simple writing — likes of Henry David Thoreau, Ernest Hemingway and Benjamin Franklin.

6. Problem in eyes. If you are working too much on computer or for some other reason.

Solution: Use audio books or ask a friend of assistant to narrate it to you.

7. No space to pack books: When you go out on a trip out of town or on a long overseas trip; books are not a priority item mostly. In such a situation when you finish packing there is no room for packing books.

Solution: you can buy online and read on an e-book reader — Kindle, iPad whatever your pick is. You can also buy after you reach your destination. Once you finish reading, gift it to hotel staff or somebody who will be able to use it. Finding such person should not be a problem. It will also teach you the act of giving selflessly if you are not already into it.

If you want to get more from your reading also try these ideas.

  • Decide your purpose of reading. Write down the questions that you want answered after reading. If you are reading for fun the no need for this.
  • Note down what you already know about the topic (a paragraph or a page)
  • Try this exercise to familiarize yourself with the book. Read through the table of content, foreword. Flip pages to check out chapter headlines, opening paragraphs. This you can do in a bookstore — physical or online. Read reviews. This will also help you buy the right books that serve your purpose.
  • Take notes while you read and also record your learning after you have finished reading.

Recently I wrote about how to start writing. Yesterday I shared 51-tips on writing; and today this article about reading. The idea is to help you write better. This is not to suggest that you should spend all your waking time — reading and writing — unless writing is your core pursuit. You should also take time to make things and get involved in some productive action. I will write about that soon.

Till then, happy reading.

What do you do for a better reading experience?

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